DIY Vinyl Records Storage/Cart for your home decor

My husband loves vinyl records, a collector I must say. I wanted to find a nice way to store them and improve our home decoration, but all the option in stores are too expensive or not exactly what we are searching for. So we find a easy, quick, cheap and stylish way to do so with this DIY Vinyl Records Storage/Cart.

Life's Symmetry DIY Vinyl records storage/cart

Life's Symmetry DIY Vinyl records storage/cart

To recreate this DIY Vinyl Records Storage/Cart you will need 3 simple things:

1x wooden crate box (we bought our in our local craft store)

4x small rubber wheels


Flip your wooden crate box upside down and position each small rubber wheel in each corner of the box. Use the screws that come with the wheels and the drill to secure the wheels in place.

Flip the box over so the wheels touch the floor and your DIY Vinyl Records Storage/Cart is ready. If you want you can use wood stain to play with the color, but we preferred to keep it raw, since our dinner table, that is in the same room, is the same color.

Easy, right?

Please share in the comments below your version or any other ideas, I would love to see it.

Do you like vinyl records? My favorites are:


What would we find in your DIY Vinyl Records Storage/Cart?



Hat organizing ideas: Like-it Door Hook for Hats & Scarves

I wanted to find another way to organize my hats, than just stacking them inside the closet. So I dived in the World Wide Web to find other solutions, to be more exact, Pinterest. There I found a few cool hat organizing ideas, like:

DIY hanging copper hat rack by Geneva from a pair & a spare

DIY  hanging copper hat rack

Veronica’s hus by Veronica Ervik

Veronica's Hus

Hats in place of Art by A Beautiful Mess

Hats in place of Art - A Beautiful Mess

I loved all the ideas specially the copper hat rack so I went to the city to find a copper tube to call mine. While I was strolling around various stores I found this other interesting product in Globus St. Gallen (which is a problem place for me, if I enter, I will buy, anything):

Like-it NDH-04 Over The Door Hook Hat and Scarves, Beige by the Japanese company Like-it

NDH-04 Door Hook for Hats & Scarves Closet NDH-04 Door Hook for Hats & Scarves Door NDH-04 Door Hook for Hats & Scarves Set NDH-04 Door Hook for Hats & Scarves

So this was the solution I opted for, it’s organized, it’s stylish and I see my hats all at once, rather than taking them all stacked out of the closet take one out and put them all back again.

And this is how mine looks:

▹ Which option is your favorite? Any other ideas?

Instagram Favorites I

Here are 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts that I would like to highlight this month. Hopefully you’ll find a few new favorites to follow!


Instagram Lust For Life Olivia Lopez

Olivia’s feed is full of chic pictures with stylish clothing and beautiful settings. The account @lusttforlife is an extension of Olivia’s website Lust For Life where she shares fresh and elegant looks, delicious foods and stunning city sights like Paris, Barcelona and NY.


Instagram A Pair & A Spare Geneva Vanderzeil

I started following Geneva in 2008 when she started her website a pair & a spare posting daily DIY tutorial, now she has evolved into a colourful beautiful lifestyle blogger and you can follow her Instagram @apairandaspare to get a taste of her daily life, it’s delightful.


Instagram evachen212 Eva Chen

“When I grow up I want to be like Eva Chen”. That is what I think when I see any post from @evachen212 on Instagram. I love the shots with her baby girl Ren and especially her car shots with her shoe-bag-fruit of the day. Not so long ago, she announced she would be leaving Lucky Magazine, where she was editor in chief. Now she is the new head of fashion partnerships at Instagram. Oh Eva, you’re doing it right.


Instagram margaret__zhang Margaret Zhang

I have no words to describe Margaret, just do yourself a favour: follow her on Instagram @margaret__zhang and check her website Shine by Three out, you will not regret it.


Instagram lovelypepa Alexandra Pereira

This Spanish lady, Alexandra Pereira, is the owner of the blog Lovely Pepa, I love to see how her style has transformed itself during the years since she started her website and it’s just easy to follow her daily outfits on Instagram @lovelypepa.

▹ What are your favorite accounts? Share them in the comments below, I would love to see them!

Pause, vacation.

This is my first post and I’m already starting it with a pause. Yes, I took 10 days off and came to Antalya, Turkey to visit my mother.

I haven’t seen the apartment since it’s been fully decorated with the furniture that came from Brazil after we moved out.

It looks amazing, the summer apartment now feels like a home, but it’s really strange to see all the furniture you grew up with in a different place and after so much time, it’s been almost a year I moved to Switzerland.

Time goes by very quickly my friends, let’s enjoy it.

Here is a quick Time Lapse I’ve made during dinner. The view from this apartment is as amazing as the decoration, take a look:



Where would you like to be right now?